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A Revolutionary Machine for Clearing Surface Water

HoverDry is the ultimate answer for clearing water. Built on the hovercraft principle, the Hoverdry machine supports itself on a cushion of air so that the machine does not come into contact with the surface underneath.

Our sports model is ideal for use on grass surfaces, where it comes and goes without leaving a trace. Instead of flattening the grass, it leaves the grass upstanding and free from water.

The HoverDry works equally well on any flat surface. Its performance has proven to be excellent on hard tennis courts and other artificial playing surfaces.

Give us a call today at 734.279.1831 or email us at sales@hoverdry.com to learn how HoverDry can help solve your surface water problem!

Features & Benefits

HoverDry is the solution for specific water problems. Where drainage is overwhelmed, non-functional, frozen or non-existent or when standing water delays essential activities or threatens vital stands of turf; HoverDry is the proven economical and time effective solution. Plus, all our HoverDry machines are built in the state of Michigan, USA!

Damage Prevention

Wet soils increase the threat of compaction. Squeegees and other machines intended to remove water compound the problems. HoverDry’s unique operation is all solution. The machine hovers and skims the delicate wet turf in the process of sucking up and pumping away water.

Light & Efficient

The 40″ diameter HoverDry is self contained, easily portable and extremely efficient at water removal. Weighing 80 lbs. it loads easily to any small utility vehicle for transport. Pumping capacity up to 70 GPM brings surfaces rapidly back to play or management.

Unique & Versatile

The HoverDry will not injure any underlying surface whether turf grass, sand, or clay. The double hull is constructed of lightweight fiberglass composite. The machine comes with 50′ of 1.5″ drain hose. Skid attachments are available to prevent sand removal from bunkers or infield locations.

Outstanding Performance

The HoverDry is powered by a Honda GCV 160 5.5 hp 4 cycle engine. HoverDry drives air via a hover mower impeller. The specially designed centrifugal water pump is very forgiving of suspended media and can accommodate grass clippings, sand, leaves and other small debris without loss of performance.

Variety of Applications

The HoverDry was used at the 2008 US Girls Championship at the Hartford Golf Club in Hartford, CT and at the 2004 US Women’s Open at The Orchards in South Hadley, MA. HoverDry is an essential tool for removing water from frozen greens to prevent ice encasement and is ideal for removing puddles that would otherwise cause crown hydration during a spring thaw.


Invented and first marketed in the United Kingdom over 20 years ago, HoverDry is now manufactured in the United States. HoverDry has been further developed and adapted to the US market. HoverDry machines are constructed and assembled in Michigan.

Multiple Uses

HoverDry Industrial is for use on hard surfaces, or can be used on turf by simply removing the wheels. Our sport model is for turf. HoverDry is used by professionals in many markets such as: